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TF Card Bootup

"TF Card Bootup" uses the same kit as the "Flashing via TF Card" in ROM Flash. The operation steps of the two are similar, but the carriers for system bootup are different:

TF Card Bootup — Flash the ROM to TF card, insert TF card to Station PC, Station PC runs the ROM in TF card.

Flashing via TF Card  Flash the new ROM to Station PC via TF card, remove TF card, Station PC runs the new ROM.


·TF card

·USB card reader

·Flashing tool: SD_Firmware_Tool 

1. Insert the TF card to the USB card reader; insert the USB card reader to the PC.

2. Open SD_Firmware_Tool and select the inserted TF card.

3. Tick "SD Boot".

4. Click "Firmware" and select the downloaded ROM image.

5. Click "Create".  

6. After creating successfully, insert the TF card to the Station PC, power on or reboot the Station PC.