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ROM Flash

There are two ways to flash — via PC and via TF card.

Flashing via PC


·Type-C cable

·Flashing tool: AndroidTool (Version: v2.58 or higher)

·RK Driver Assistant: Driver Assitant

Step 1 Install Driver Assistant. 

Unzip DriverAssitant and run DriverInstall.exe; click "Install Driver".


Note: If you downloaded the older version of DriverAssitant before, please click "Uninstall Driver" first, then click "Install Driver".

Step 2 Make Station PC be ready to be flashed.

Step 2-1 Utilize Type-C cable to connect Station PC and PC.


Step 2-2 Connect the Station PC to power. Open AndroidTool.exe on PC and “Found One ADB Device” pops up. Click “Switch”, after switching, “Found One LOADER Device” pops up.



If it shows“No Devices Found”:

(1) Disconnect the Station PC from power.

(2) Insert the Allen wrench(following accessory) into the Audio port(RECOVERY button is inside), keep holding the RECOVERY button.

Connect the Station PC to power. When “Found One LOADER Device” pops up, release the RECOVERY button. 


Note: If it still shows “No Devices Found”, check if the Driver is successfully installed.

Step 3 Flash ROM image to Station PC.

Step 3-1 Click “Upgrade Firmware”; click “EraseFlash”. 


Step 3-2 Click “Firmware”; select the downloaded ROM image. 



                                                (Downloaded ROM image)

Step 3-3 Click “Upgrade” to flash. When it shows “Download Firmware Success”&“Reset Device Success”, the flashing is finished.


Flashing via TF Card


·TF card

·USB card reader

·Flashing tool: SD_Firmware_Tool 

Step 1 Flash ROM image to TF card.

(1) Insert the TF card into the USB card reader; insert the USB card reader to the PC.

(2) Open SD_Firmware_Tool and select the inserted TF card.

(3) Tick "Upgrade Firmware".

(4) Click "Firmware" and select the downloaded ROM image.

(5) Click "Create".  


(6) When the window shown below pops up, select  "Yes". 


(7) When the window shown below pops up, the TF card flashing is finished.


Step 2 Flash ROM image from TF card to Station PC.

(1) Insert the TF card to the Station PC and connect the Station PC to power.“Installing system update” progress bar will appear and after loading, the flashing is finished.

(2) Remove the TF card, and the Station PC will be automatically rebooted.