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Station M3 -AndroidTV 12 ROM by mo123




- Bluetooth remote setup
- Fix audio passthrough
- Kodi v21 preinstalled with optimized settings
- Fix apps like NewPipe, LibreTube, Vuetube to play correctly
- Fix Plex app UI to work correctly
- Better resolution support for 4K tv's.
- Disable auto power off if connected to a HDMI CEC device like a tv that could power off the device too, you can use the remote to put the device in standby mode instead.
- Added 3rd party launcher
- Updated recents
- Kernel improvements

If using a 4K display, you can change the DPI to 480/640 in Display and Sound - Density menu to make icons/text bigger.
If using a 1080p display, can leave the DPI at 320.
After setting up the launcher, you can go to the launcher settings and import a backup from the Projectivy folder to optimize the layout.

- Aug/Sep security patches
- Webview updated
- Apps updated
- TvQuickActions Permission
- New Launcher
- New keyboards, touchscreens support
- Video playback improved
- Kernel kvm support with termux to run Linux from Android

- Video codecs updated
- Font reverted to fix Chinese characters
- SDCard write support for system apps
- Via browser updated and added homescreen shortcut
- Fix bluetooth remote & suspend/resume
- Remove ads for GoogleTV homescreen

avoiding unnecessary frame skip to reduce janks
reset buffer count to max slots instead of returning BAD_VALUE
make RefreshRateOverlay a trusted overlay
Disable clang-tidy
increase heap size for metalava
MediaProvider: Less spam
Volume panel: avoid multiple animations on touch spam
VolumePanel: Pass touch outside of volume panel
Fix issue with google dialer widget on keyguard
InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
SystemUI: Make popup menus more rounded
core: Fix menu popup ripple
Provide missing permissions for SystemUI
Fix user profile photo picker crash
Use 0 compression when creating the target_files package
Fix cursor not disappear immediately when the mouse device removed
fix the flicker issue in streaming video
SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
SystemUI: media_view: align song and artist name text
Fix flac parsing in mp4

V1.09 - 15-05-2023

Video playback fixes
Latest May 2023 security updates
Kernel Netfilter root vulnerability patch
Updated apps
HDMI Kernel improivements
dw-hdmi: rockchip: report tdms mode only once
drm: fix dp resolution
vop2: fix vop2 setup port mux failed
vop2: filter VP vcnt status
Fix Logitech BRIO Webcam not working
add quirk auto suspend for SPCA2100 PC Camera
fix Pulling out the USB camera will cause the camera node to move backward
If there is no space, remove anr files

New version v1.0-v1.8

Updated Kodi
- Improved frame-rate switching
Updated screensaver
Updated Onscreen keyboard
- Better compatibility for Android 12
- Better Korean, Hungarian support
Several uboot, kernel patches added

Fixed Chinese text if language is changed to Chinese
Enable casting support
Improved performance
Remove 3rd party addon popup
HDMI Passthrough available by default(just enable required codecs)
New theme
Other improvements

Other apps included:
TrackerControl for restricting internet access or trackers for individual apps
TVQuickactions to show recent application screenSmartTubeNext for add-free Youtube playback
SmartTubeNext for add-free Youtube playback
Via browser, light-weight browser with a built-in add-blocker

Fixed H265 green video issue
Fixed H264 video breakup issue
Fixed H264 HI10 anime video playback
Fixed AV1 video playback issues in Kodi & other apps
AVS+ video playback improvements
Fix Youtube 8K playback
Improved 4K@60Hz video playback
Fix TikTok and other apps to work correctly
Improved HDR (High Definition Range) support
Added HDMI CEC supportMagisk Root Support
Dark Theme
Switch between 1080p . 4K UI easily
Updated exfat drivers
Several gamepad controller support added
Increased firmware speed
Improved safety and security with latest patches
Other improvements to stability
Improved wifi performance
New look
Increase compatibility with micro-sd card boot
Add Youtube AV1 support[/free]

Download Link AndroidTV v1.14(16-01-2024):
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Boot Image for Magisk v1.14:
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GoogleTV v1.14(23-01-2024) -
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Download Link v1.10:
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Flash Tools: EMMC - Here
In RKDevtool - last tab - Erase flash, then second tab - Upgrade

Micro-SD Card - Here
Can also use SDDisktool v1.72 fto lash - Select 'SD Boot' and Create.
Insert the Micro-SD card into the M3 station before power on to boot from the Micro-SD card