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Station M3 -AndroidTV 12 ROM by mo123 (05-06-2024)

TV Apps

Phone Apps

Easily change font without root image.jpg

Change font size

Easily change mouse pointer without root

Change active Webview

Change Screen Density

Change Bootanimation

Change Volume Bar




Recent Apps menu

Flash Tools:

EMMC Booting
Download Link: RKDevTool v3.19Here
Connect your device with USB-C cable to a PC see here

1) Step 1, choose the 2nd tab
2) Load the firmware file and click Upgrade

Micro-SD Card Booting
Download Link: SDDiskTool v1.76- Here

1) Step 1, choose your USB Card-reader with inserted micro-sd card
2) Step 2, choose 'SD Boot'.
3) Step 3, choose the unzipped 7z firmware file ending in .img
Make sure the directory doesn't contain spaces or non English characters
4) Step 4, choose 'Create' and wait for the firmware to write to the micro-sd card.


- Fix 100% battery
- Bluetooth receive apk
- Fix set time for systemui
- Fix up down ir keys
- Fix r806 temperature shutdown hotdie
- Fix large mouse pointer too large
- Change volume steps to function simlilar to a tv
- Prevent bluetooth from phone causing disconnections
- Improve video playback
- Update controllers
add Lenovo Legion Go controllers
add support for Snakebyte GAMEPADsadd support for ASUS ROG RAIKIRItreat Qanba controllers as Xbox360 controllersadd GameSir T4 Kaleid Controller supportadd GameSir VID for Xbox One controllers
- Fix resources with Chinese names
- Fix mouse right sliding
- Fix apps crashing after shutdown
- Fix dialog box width fix
- Fix write for some apps
- D- don't let mouse interfere with motion to go to standby
- Fix multimedia app quiting do to mediascanner
- Add longpress keys
- Fix app size
- Solve the problem that the static IP of the Ethernet settings cannot be saved
- Improve Kodi
Fix DTS-HD MA stuttering
- Mouse cursor selection
- Font selection
- Usb switcher
- Add virtual mouse
- Fix ram display
- Add webview selection menu
- Fix system app webview
- Remove unused icons