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You may have a TV, mini PC, set-top box, video game console, and more devices in your house. Every device has a remote control and then you’ll have a collection of remotes. Maybe you just want to control all your devices by using one remote.
HDMI-CEC can help you achieve what you want. It can be a confusing feature when you're not aware of it, but it has a lot of convenience benefits. Since many people have a lot of devices connected to their TVs, it's handy to have them work together more smoothly.


Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is a feature of HDMI designed to allow users to command and control devices connected through HDMI by using only one remote control. So you can control your StationPC and TV with one remote. This function now is included in almost all modern devices.

How to Enable HDMI-CEC in Station OS?
StationPC has already added HDMI-CEC function in V1.3.0.
Enter Settings -> Display, select Other and enable HDMI CEC.