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NAS Network Attached Storage (NAS) are fast becoming a popular piece of kit in daily life.
Many people think that a private perfect movie library should be: NAS + media player.


What is NAS?
As time goes by, the image quality of photos and videos is getting better and better and the size of them is also increasing. Most people just keep buying more internal hard drives for their computers, lots of external hard drives or a large-capacity mobile phones. However, thats not a great solution because there is no sharing and data in different memories can't be directly transferred.
You have to unplug your hard drive from one computer and plug it into another to get access to the data. So more and more people start to build their own cloud storage — which has better reliability and scalability. That is why NAS is increasingly popular.

NAS is good but complicated.

The most commonly used function of NAS is storage. Anyone in the same LAN can get access to all of the data on the NAS. Besides, some people also download everything they want with NAS to build their own movie library. However, there are cons that come along with a NAS solution. The first one is price. NAS is not a cost-effective choice in most families. One other con to mention is the complexity of setting up a NAS solution. You have to think about which hard drives you want to install in the NAS and set it up via software. All of them need to take time to learn, which is not good for a novice.
So is there a simple solution for a movie library?

Station PC + Station Links = perfect personal movie library

For the perfect personal movie library, NAS is not necessary. You can achieve it through APPs without any complicated operation and peripherals. software + software can figure it out. The resource download function of Station OS can maximize the use of the built-in high-capacity SSD. Remote download function in Station Links is playing important role in downloading movies. You can put the movies links into Station Links, which will automatically detect and download them  with download progress shown even if the StationPC is in standby mode.

After that, StationPCs Movie Library will help you organize all movies, automatically detecting all movies in selected catalogue and scraping their posters and relevant information from the Internet. The incredible wall UI includes poster, movie information, cast everything you want is available.

In addition, the newly added functions, such as classifying, sorting, and searching, greatly reduce difficulty of searching for videos and increase the search accuracy. We can also collect movies and change their posters via Station Links.
In this way, you have your own movie library.