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The term Metaverse goes viral recently - you can see a big new every few days, such as Facebook changing its name to META, Microsoft entering the race... And what we are talking about today is Ready Player One, which professional investment institutions must mention when explaining Metaverse.

This is the Oasis. It's a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. This is a line in Ready Player One. When the movie was released in 2018, people were amazed by Spielberg's imagination but still felt that 2045 was out of reach. Who would have thought that after three years, Metaverse has become the hottest concept in the global investment circle. Ready Player One is considered to present the Metaverse that is most in line with today’ s human imagination. As long as the characters in it put on a VR helmet  which is a virtual reality helmet, put on a sensing device, and step on a sport device, they can completely immerse themselves in a virtual space called "Oasis".


For this reason, in order to know what is Metaverse, many people follow the flow to see this movie.

As a sci-fi movie, Ready Player One inevitably has a variety of cool special effects. On the poster of this movie, you can see that the movie's projection technology includes 2D, 3D, IMAX, 4K, etc.


And for such a movie with many special effects, if you missed the movie when it was released, you can only watch it on TV or computer/phone without a re-releasing now. For audiences who follow the trend, without the elements of 3D glasses and giant screen in the theater, the special effects experience is minimal - it is hard to know the director Spielberg's vision of the future world. So what exactly is the Metaverse in Ready Player One?

Metaverse in Ready Player One

The most exciting car racing scene in Ready Player One, you can see Lara of Tomb Raider, Dizzy Wallin of Gears of War, Batman, Mach 5 of Speed Racer, and King Kong jumping from the Empire State Building... But after the car racing started, the motion blur is too obvious. Without 4K HDR, you can't see the details at all but only see the bigger ones.


Then if you want to "enter" the Metaverse of Ready Player One, you need to choose a 4K movie source and a video player that can play 4K movies.


StationPC with its own Entertainment System, owns audio and video playback function. The small PC adopts a new video processing engine VPU and supports 4K 60Hz HD decoding, bringing you an extraordinary HD experience and enjoying master-class quality.

The small PC processes Gigabit Ethernet + dual-band WiFi - so you can watch smooth 4K movies online. Even if you are a new player, you can start an amazing journey around finding easter eggs.


Some people regard Ready Player One as the [Best Science Fiction Movie], not only because it satisfies all childhood dreams, but also because it makes people have more imagination about future. What should Metaverse be like? Leave your opinion on Metaverse in the Comments!