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  1. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-9 04:34:15

    Trigu75 Posted at 2021-9-8 23:10
    No , I am just asking you to share the steps you performed ..

    As you wrote “

    I didn't change anything to run Ubuntu (in the Firefly build system).

  2. Trigu75 Newbie 2021-9-9 13:20:04

    You didn’t?

    You wrote this :

    I figured out how to quickly make any SD card bootable and start any system from it on P2\M2. Everything turned out to be easy, you just need to perform a few simple steps from the terminal (Linux) and configure extlinux.conf correctly

    So someone asked you to share those steps ... and you didn’t
    And now , am asking to share the same steps

    Which steps on terminal did you perform? What modifications did you do to extlinux.conf like you wrote

    Just asking to share how you fixed your issues ,,, that’s the whole point of having a forum , a community where developers share the changes ... not just release binaries ... how can we learn if no one is releasing any proper documentation , source code , fix explanation

  3. Trigu75 Newbie 2021-9-11 18:54:57

    Question , could you please make an image using legacy 4.4 kernel instead? This kernel have MPP service enabled , which is needed to be able to use hardware decoding using mpp drivers

    Also found that there is a rockchip x11 , rga2 , gl3 , Mali g52 driver ,  I installed these debs from rockchip rk-rootfs project , and OpenGL3.2 SE works great , also mpv and kodi using software decoding but GPU driver !!!

    The only missing things in all your images is kernel mpp service , I tried to build armbian myself , but didn’t see station-m2 option inside the build ‘ boards ...

  4. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-15 16:28:55

    Trigu75 Posted at 2021-9-11 18:54
    Question , could you please make an image using legacy 4.4 kernel instead? This kernel have MPP serv ...

    There is no support for rk356x in the 4.4 kernel

  5. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-15 16:30:33

    I added a new version of images 20210915-edge with 5.15.0-rc1 kernel.
    Please note, this version does not have an HDMI output, control is performed via SSH or UART. The wired network works, both LAN1 and LAN2 interfaces work on P2, M2 - LAN1.

    Please note that this is the primary test version and unpredictable behaviors are possible.

  6. Trigu75 Newbie 2021-9-18 19:51:09

    Wanted to thank you , really , and update , I succeeded to run hardware decoding mpv , glstreamer , ffmpeg , and chrome on my device through your armbian images , and some files from Ubuntu image

    The kernels have mpp enabled , so I mounted the Ubuntu rootfs  from firefly ‘ station image. , did some directories  mount —rbind ( dev , sys , proc ) some directories mod change to avoid permissions errors , executed chroot to the rootfs startx and all worked !!!!!  Finally smooth video decoding with almost non cpu usage

    True hardware decoding!!

  7. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-20 19:06:54

    New version 20210920 of ArmbianTV images with support for installation in eMMC\NVMe\SATA. Important. For the new images to work, it is necessary to update the u-boot in eMMC on M2\P2. The new version of u-boot is compatible with the existing official versions of Station and Ubuntu, which are released by Firefly. To upgrade to the new version of u-boot, you need to follow several steps.
    1. Download a special version of the image from the link.

    2. Unpack, write to the SD card.
    3. Start the system, perform the initial configuration (answer the questions).
    4. to start the update procedure, run the command

    sudo /vendor/m2-station-update-uboot

    After completing the procedure, turn off the system and you can use the new images as usual, perform the installation in eMMC\NVMe\SATA using the standard nand-install-sata utility.

    Please note that before installing the system in eMMC\NVMe\SATA, I strongly recommend creating a full backup of the contents of eMMC. To do this, all ArmbianTV images have a special utility "ddbr". BEFORE starting the installation, you need to run the ddbr utility and select creating a compressed copy. This will allow you to easily return to the current state of eMMC in the future.

  8. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-21 17:43:42

    Added version 20210921-edge with the 5.15.0-rc2 kernel and with the new u-boot.

  9. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-23 19:48:59

    Add image (20210922) DE Budgie

  10. balbes150 Elite member 2021-9-28 19:11:54

    Version 20210928. Added a lot of USB Wi-Fi modules and audio devices.

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