【Station P1】 updated contents:

Control App:

1. Optimize the communication effect of Mini Program and App.
2. Add Download Manager, providing normal links and torrent download.
3. Provide download task management, including start, pause, play while downloading, play completed movies, delete tasks, etc.
4. Add download settings, including download path selection, speed limit, and maximum simultaneous tasks.

【Station M1】updated contents:


1. Fix the bug that Screen Zoom can only be one side in Display Settings.
2. Fix the bug that Factory data reset is invalid in Other Settings.
3. Fix the bug that Bluetooth status is not synchronized when opening Network Settings.
4. Improve the switching function of the virtual keyboard in Other Settings.
5. Add mouse operation in Volume Settings.
6. Change the Volume Settings UI in Sound Settings.


1. Fix the bug that Videoplayer cannot play the video in File Explorer.

File Explorer:

1. Fix the crash issue of playing local videos.
2. Fix the crash issue of installing APK.
3. Add mouse operation.


1. Fix the bug that the information in the Ethernet Settings is not refreshed when the network cable is plugged in and out.


1. Fix the bug that the top Ethernet connection status is out of sync.
2. Fix the crash issue of connecting Wifi.
3. Fix the bug that the cover cannot be loaded in Media Center.


1. Add the function of File Explorer and Videoplayer to open media files received by Bluetooth.
2. Add the function that the APK can be installed directly in Bluetooth file receiver.
3. Fix the bug of Bluetooth crash at boot.

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