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Test versions of Armbian and Libreelec. Checked the launch on Firefly Station P1.

All the main equipment (LAN, WiFi, BT, sound HDMI) Works except for the analog audio output.

Important difference between the new versions. After writing the image to the SD card, you no longer need to make changes to the extlinux settings to run, all the necessary settings are already in the images. Download links for new versions are now located here.

Dir Firefly_station_p1


LibreELEC (rk3399-roc-pc)


1. Download,

2. Unpack,

3. burn the resulting image to the SD card.

4. Connect the SD card and turn on the power.

The system will start automatically.

Please note that you do not need to erase anything in eMMC \ SPI.

When you disable the SD card, the standard Android from eMMC will work.