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The first test version of AltLinux images (Russian Linux) for Firefly Station P1 \ M1 is available.   smile.gif

Starting the system is similar to starting Armbian\LE. Download the image, unpack it, burn it to a medium SD \ USB, connect it to P1\M1 and turn on the power. At the first start, you need to perform several steps to configure the system.

For those who want to see how AltLinux works on P1\M1 and want to keep the regular StationOS system in eMMC, you can use the combined option. Download and burn the
latest version of ArmbianTV to the SD card, download and burn the AltLinux image to the USB media. Connect the SD card and USB flash drive simultaneously to P1\M1 and turn on the power. AltLinux will start automatically. I draw your attention to M1, you need to connect a USB flash drive to the USB 2.0 connector (USB 3.0 does not work yet to run external systems). Any port can be used on P1.