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Station_OS_V1.5.0.11 for Station M2 update contents:

lUI update:
TV home screen, Movie Library, Downloader, and File Manager.

lTV Home screen:
You can add or replace Apps on the home screen. We add online movie search and smartphone file transfer functions.

Integrate Thunder and Aria2 downloading methods and support multiple magnet links and torrent formats.

lMovie Library:
Add an all-file browsing feature and support local NFO file reading.

lPlugins center:
Add a hard drive sleep mode plugin for mechanical drives.

lFile Manager:
Add 115 Disk, video playback record, and disk file sorting functions.

lVideo Player:
Improve video decoding, subtitles, and handling of audio tracks.

lAdd multiple magnet links:
Input each link on a new line in the same text box, and click OK; multiple magnet links will be downloaded.

lSmartphone file transfer:
When your phone and device are connected to the same local network, you can use the scanning feature on your mobile browser to upload video and audio files to your device.

lVideo playback record:
Go to the File Manager, and press the remote's menu button.

lMovie Library's all-file browsing feature:
When you add storage devices and other files such as DLNA and Samba, all files from local and network-connected devices will be displayed in Files.