The Media mode of Station P1 provides amazing living room entertainment experience. In addition to playing Android games, you can also stream popular PC games.

After installing GeForce Experience on PC, open Moonlight on Station P1, connect the gamepad and monitor to Station P1, and you can stream and smoothly play various high-quality 3A games anytime, anywhere.

Watch the 2-minute video to learn how to stream PC games to Station P1. Come experience!

1. Download and install GeForce Experience on PC.
Visit Nvidia Website; download GeForce Experience; install and login.

Note: Nvidia GPU is required.

2. Add the game to GeForce on PC.
(1) Open GeForce Experience, click the Settings icon.
(2) Select SHIELD.
(3) Turn on GAMESTREAM, and add the game.

3. Open the game on Station P1.
Note:PC and Station P1 need to be in the same LAN.

(1) Open Moonlight on Station P1.
(2) Select the matching PC.
(3) Enter pairing code on the matching PC.
(4) Open the game on Moonlight.

Now you can enjoy the streaming PC game on Station P1!