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Station_OS_V1.3.5.10 for Station P1 Pro update contents:

  • Update boot animation.
  • Change default system notification volume.
  • Add reading and writing support for exfat/NFS format hard disks.
  • Add GMS support (you can download Google Installation Assistant in the App Store).
  • Optimize Bluetooth, and HDMI sound output and switching.
  • Optimize noise handling during recording.
  • Optimize the upgrade of OTA package detection logic during offline update, and add format support such as exFAT/NFS.

  • Update UI

App Store
  • Update UI

Welcome Screen
  • Update UI

File manager
  • Support SMB and NFS devices.

Movie Library
  • Add  matching function of TV series and variety shows.
  • Add local media player settings.

Video Player
  • Optimize the switching logic of video decoding mode.
  • Fix known problems.

System Settings
  • Add FTP service support
  • Add SMB service support
  • Add App orientation settings
  • Add image settings

System Bootloader
  • Update StationPC logo
  • Fix the problem that there is no display when HDMI is connected after power-on
  • Fix other known problems