The updated contents of Station Links, Movie Library, and Control Center are as follows:

Station Links v2.6.0

  • The device capacity is displayed. Tap ROM for detailed storage information
  • Optimize the interaction between Movie Library of the device and Station Links. Collect movies, and change and remove posters through Station Links are supported.
  • Optimize post and comment

Movie Library v3.2.1

  • Details page for TV series and variety shows is added
  • Movie and TV (include variety shows) themes are added on the Home page.
  • Corner mark of movie resolution is added.
  • Optimize movie search, more accurate and efficient
  • Optimize logic of movie recommendation
  • Optimize the reading speed of playback history from the Home page
  • Optimize the interaction between Station Links and Movie Library of the device.
  • Some known problems are fixed.

Control Center v1.2.29
  • New version of Station Links application
  • Some known problems are fixed.