Station_OS_v1.3.0.10 for Station P1 & Station P1 Pro update contents:

Movie Library
· The all-new Movie Library
Screenshot 2022-06-02 16-54-29.png

Multiple OS Bootloader
· Added Multi-device boot function, enabling Station PC to install operating systems at the same time.
Screenshot 2022-06-02 17-00-33.png

· Added Picture Parameter function
Screenshot 2022-06-02 17-12-03.png

· Added App Rotation function
Screenshot 2022-06-02 17-12-33.png

· Added FTP Server
· Added Touch sounds setting
· Optimized remote control
· Optimized the detection logic of free space

Video Player
· Optimized subtitle search function in video player      
· Optimized the processing logic of "AUDIO, AAC, N/A, N/A" tracks

· Fixed the problem that weather is unavailable.

· Fixed the problem that bluetooth could not receive apk.

· Fixed the disconnection problem when wifi sleeps.