How to use Auto frame-rate switching in Kodi

1) In Kodi - Go to Settings - System - Display
Make sure you can change the Resolution and Refresh rate.
If these settings are disabled - Soft Reboot device after power on to see it.
Kodi is still based on Android 9 packages and havn't been updated to support new features of Android 11/12, so sometimes after poweron it thinks resolution switching is not supported.
This problem will be gone in Android 12 as it will use a better method.


2) Select the Whitelist setting and enable all the resolutions supported by your tv.
If using a 4K tv, it's best to only enable 4K & 1080p resolutions since 4K tv's have limited 720p frame-rates and they will play at 4K resolution instead.
If using a 1080p tv, it's best to enable 1080p & 720p resolutions.

3) Lastly Go to Settings - Player - Videos
Select 'Adjust Display refresh rate' and select on 'Start/Stop'

Now when you play videos with different refresh rates they will play as follows
4k/1080p/720p 23.976/24/25/30/50/59.94/60hz videos play at their correct frame-rate the videos were encoded in.

Without frame-rate switching videos play as follows
4k/1080p/720p 23.976/24/25/30/50/59.94/60hz videos all play at 60hz.
This will cause half-second video freezes every couple of minutes and the audio/video will become out of sync.
When there is fast motion, sports or camera zooming in/out or sideways, videos will also look like there are small freezes, shaking, stutter.

With auto frame-rate switching enabled, it eliminates these problems so that you can play videos more smoothly and natural looking.

Make sure to do a soft reboot after removing power or powering on so that Kodi can detect auto frame-rate switching support on Android 11.
(Will not be needed from Android 12 onwards in future)


Best is to use AndroidTV 11 firmware I made with custom Kodi preinstalled with additional animations disabled for faster speed.
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