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Station P2 RK3568 - AndroidTV 11 Custom ROM

- Video codecs updated
- Via browser updated and added homescreen shortcut
- Added Settings & Shutdown shortcuts to homescreen
- Fix bluetooth remote & suspend/resume
- Fix volume control top middle of the screen
- Remove ads for GoogleTV homescreen
- Updated Kodi

Custom Kodi
- Fixed Chinese text if language is changed to Chinese
- Enable casting support
- Improved performance
- Remove 3rd party addon popup
- HDMI Passthrough available by default(just enable required codecs)
- New theme
- Improved frame-rate switching
- Fixed Adding Recommended channel to homescreen
- Other improvements

TrackerControl for restricting internet access or trackers for individual apps
TVQuickactions to add custom key commands
SmartTubeNext for add-free Youtube playback
Via browser, light-weight browser with a built-in add-blocker

Latest video codecs
Latest Xbox controller support
Updated screensaver & Added ArialView Live landscape drone video screensaver
Updated Onscreen keyboard
New boot logo
Several uboot, kernel patches added
Based on updated SDK.

- Fix TikTok login problem with Google and 2-factor authentication

Add mouse support for scrolling in all apps
Fix connection to PC, see local files
Fix sound silent from certain airmouse remotes
Add Wifi Hotspot support
Fix bluetooth disconnection with certain devices
Add Bluetooth forget choice
Fix HDMI bug with certain languages
Support Seagate Expansion HDD
Fix watchdog error
Support Amazon Prime Video mobile app
(Recommended to use Chrome borwser streaming for better quality)
Support Netflix mobile app(need to use an airmouse)
- Download latest Amazon Prime Video or Netflix app from APKPure

- Improve Ext4 performance
- Fix printer support
- Fix Virtual mouse support
- Update codecs
- Add Change dpi settings to Display & Sound
- Updated apps

Fix Settings in phone launchers
Improve scripts
Add Firefly Shutdown app
-Now easily shutdown, sleep or reboot without root access
Changable AppDrawer
Add Google Wallpaper app

Add Exfat, EXT4 FS Support
Add Ethernet spoof as wifi connection to fix some games like Asphalt if played over ethernet
Add support for Virtual Mouse Toggle - Install this app -
Improve apps' performance
Add Shell command prompts in TvSettings
- Use if you want to use different launchers and want widget support or if using phone launchers then you can change the DPI to 240 or back again to 320 if using a tv launcher
Remove SDCard notifications
Improved 5G wifi performance for EU countries and US should also benefit.
Better support for different xbox 360 controllers
Fix Lexar Flash drives now supported

Fix Bluetooth couldn't connect
Fix audio playing over bluetooth and speakers simultaneously
Allow internal volume change
Changed volume steps to 20 instead of 15 for more accurate bluetooth headphone sound changing
Based on newest Android code
Kodi - Improved True-HD playback, no micro-stutters anymore, faster speed
Updated apps
Changed default screensaver(Shows wallpaper without an internet connection)
Support for Firefly remote, apps

Add recent application menu
(Double click the home button to open)
Add Exfat file system support
Add mouse browsing support
(Use an air mouse and hold down the OK/DPAD_CENTER button and move up/down to browse in Chrome, Firefox and other browsers)
New mouse pointer
Fix Google search
(Use the voice button on the air mouse)

Flash Tool: Here
Flash Tool - Micro-SD Card: Here
Driver: Here
Download Link - Micro-SD Card Firmware:
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Visitor, If you want to see this please Reply

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