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Altlinux test images (Russian Linux) for the Station M2\P2 platform (rk3566\rk3568). The principle of use is similar to the launch of Armbian.

1. Update the u-boot according to the instructions from the corresponding topic by model.

2. Download, unpack and burn the AltLinux image to the SD card. For the M2 model, edit the name of the DTB used in the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf file (replace 8 with 6 in the DTB name).

3. Connect the SD card and turn on the power.

Please note that the images use the latest 5.16-rc3 core, which has just added support for HDMI output, and so far only one screen resolution of 1920x1080 is working. Please note, this is a very early version and a lot of functions are not working in it yet. So far, three versions are available - console (builder), IceWM and MATE.