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Station P2 & Station M2 - Station_OS_V1.0.6 update contents:

Main interface
· Modified the screensaver and supports online update of the screensaver.

Control Center
· Fixed the problem that the video cannot be played through Station Links when screensaver is on.

Video Player
· Optimized the logic and decoding of fast forward and fast rewind.

· Added Timezone settings.

Station P1- Station_OS_V1.2.6 update contents:

· Added Screen Saver settings;
· Refactored Timezone settings;
· Supports secondary screen zoom function;
· Added Storage settings.

File Manager
· Added support for detecting SSD and HDD.

Movie Library
· Added English posters.

Station P1 V1.2.6 cannot be updated through the "Online Update" method. You can follow the steps in the link below to update.

For subsequent updates after updating to V1.2.6 and later, "Online Update"  is available.