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Station P2 & Station M2 V1.0.3 update contents:

File Manager:
· Fix the bug that PCIE/SATA hard disk/USB SATA cannot be recognized.

· Fixed the bug that after connecting to Wifi, it is actually connected but it shows that the network cannot be accessed;
· Fixed the bug that the Bluetooth address could not be displayed;
· Add dual network port settings (only for devices with dual network port);
· Merge Language and Timezone settings, optimize remote control UI;
· Fix the bug that the time zone list was not converted to the corresponding language after switching languages;
· Add storage device management setting;
· Add a new Pinyin keyboard which supports Chinese and English input and remote control

Control Center
· Control App is renamed to Control Center;
· Add Server setting.

File Selection:
· Add SSD,HDD device support;
· Supports Menu key to select.

System Update:
· Fix the bug that when the upgrade package is placed in /sdcard/ directory, it prompts that the path cannot be found;
· Fix the bug that the upgrade package cannot be deleted after the upgrade is successful;
· Fixed the bug of upgrade package download failure.
· Interface adjustment.

Download Manager:
· Fix the bug that download speed often drops to 0;
· Set the default download folder, users only need to select a storage device to create the default download folder;
· Fixed the bug that the number of files actually downloaded does not match the number of files selected
· Notification of failed tasks.
Movie Library:
· Support English poster matching.

· Update to the latest version.
· Not pop up the top notification bar;
· Fix the bug that the interface display is incomplete sometimes.

Online Firmware Update:

Note: After the system is successfully updated, please disconnect the power and power on again.