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  1. balbes150 Senior member 2022-2-12 15:14:40

    New version 20220211-edge with 5.17-rc3 kernel.

  2. balbes150 Senior member 2022-2-12 15:41:56

    20220211-edge kernel 5.17-rc3  
    20220210-edge kernel 5.16.8   
    20220209-legacy kernel 4.19.219

    The good news is that Station M2 P2 is now included on the download page and after the official release, links to download the official versions will be available.

  3. balbes150 Senior member 2022-2-14 22:38:49

    Last edited by balbes150 on 2022-2-14 22:57 Editor

    New version 20220214 of images with 5.16 and 5.17 kernel.
    All ports USB2\3, SATA, LED work, SD and eMMC operation speed is improved

  4. balbes150 Senior member 2022-3-18 19:22:37

    The new version is 20220317. An important change. Added support for starting the system from USB media. So far, only USB 2.0 is supported, for P2 - the lower USB 2.0 port.

  5. mutatrum Newbie 2022-3-24 23:06:20

    I have some issues with the m2-station-update-uboot command, probably because my partitions are different?

    Not sure where I go from here. I have the bare RK3566 board.

  6. balbes150 Senior member 2022-3-25 13:55:15

    mutatrum Posted at 2022-3-24 23:06
    I have some issues with the m2-station-update-uboot command, probably because my partitions are diff ...

    1. This is a topic about P2 rk3568 (not M2).
    2. What exactly is your device model? Can you show a photo or a link to your device model ?

  7. balbes150 Senior member 2022-4-2 19:42:18

    Ver 20220331 kernel 5.16.18 and 5.17.1

  8. balbes150 Senior member 2022-4-4 14:38:55

    Good news. :)
    The first alpha version of the LibreELEC image for P2\M2 (rk356x) is available.
    I pay attention. To start, you need to use a USB media with LE and a USB-enabled bootloader (for example, an SD card with an Armbian version or an Armbian version installed in eMMC).

  9. balbes150 Senior member 2022-4-12 19:34:02

    ArmbianTV version 20220412 kernel 5.17.2 and 5.18-rc2

  10. balbes150 Senior member 2022-4-15 18:42:01

    New versions of LE 20220415-rk356x.
    Now the image has a working u-boot and you can start the system without using additional media with Armbian.
    Ie, you can write the LE image to an SD card  and the system starts automatically. The USB startup option also works.
    Important. The u-boot used in LE is fully compatible with running any systems from SD and USB media. You can have the LE version on SD\eMMC and run new versions of LE\Armbian\Altlinux from USB.

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