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On Station P1, user can operate Linux on Android system. Android applications and Linux applications such as Nextcloud can be used at the same time.

So how to utilize Station P1 to own Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is an open source and free private cloud storage, allowing you to quickly and easily build a synchronous cloud storage of your own or team, so as to achieve cross-platform and cross-device file synchronization, sharing, version control, team collaboration, etc. Its client covers various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. It also provides a web page and WebDAV interface, so you can easily access your cloud storage on almost all kinds of devices.

Step 1 Download ROM.
(1) Download Android ROM (Code: wxtr), download and flash the ROM.
(2) Download Sublinux ROM (Code: fcqz), download and rename it to sublinux.img

Step 2 Copy sublinux.img to the root directory.
Connect Station P1 to 12V power; connect Station and PC with Type-C cable.
Copy sublinux.img to external U disk or the root directory of internal storage.

Note: When restoring factory settings, sublinux.img and application data will be cleared.


After finish copying the sublinux.img, plug the external disk (if you use that) into the blue USB3.0 or USB C/DP interface preferentially.
Connect to power and start or restart. It will be a little slow for the first bootup using sublinux. If you copy to internal storage, it usually takes more than 2 minutes for the first bootup, and it takes more than 30s for the following bootup.
It is recommended to set Station as a static IP. The station_ip below needs to be modified according to the actual situation, such as

How to set Station as a static IP? Please refer to: How to Set Station P1as a Static IP

Note: Sublinux can not only be flashed via internal storage, but also via external disk of FAT/NTFS and via external disk of EXT4. Please refer to:【Sublinux】Sublinux ROM Download and Usage Mode

How to Use Nextcloud
Method 1: Via Web
Enter https://station_ip (IP of your device) via PC/tablet/etc; fill in the blanks as the picture shown below.

Among them:
▪Account and password can be modified by yourself. Default account is admin, default password is 123.
▪Data directory(数据目录) is /data, no need to modify.
  ▪Database(数据库): MySQL/MariaDB

1.MYSQL_USER(数据库用户): default: MYSQL_USER
3. Database host(数据库主机): default: nextcloud-db, no need to write port number(端口号).

Then click Install(安装完成); if 504 Gateway Time-out shows after installing, wait a second and refresh, then the login interface will show.


Note: If you are prompted to access through an untrusted domain name, you can log in through ssh and modify /data/nextcloud/appdata/www/nextcloud/config/config.php file, eg:
  1. # command in PC

  2. ssh station@station_ip

  3. # command in Station

  4. sudo vim /data/nextcloud/appdata/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
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Modify trusted_domains, add the corresponding IP or domain name:
  1.   'trusted_domains' =>
  2.   array (
  3.     0 => '',
  4.     1 => '',
  5.   ),
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Method 2: Via Mobile Devices
(1)Download Nextcloud

(2)Click “Log in”, enter IP. (IP of Station P1: Network→Ethernet→IP Address).


Enter account: admin, password: 123, click login.

You can visit your Nextcloud on your mobile devices now!