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To enable auto frame-rate switching
Go to Settings - Video Player
Enable Adjust display refresh rate and set it to 'On Start/Stop'


In Settings - System - Display - Whitelist:
Enable the resolutions supported by your display eg. 1080p tv


Download Link

Other apps supporting auto frame-rate switching are
(To be replaced by SmartTubeNExt - when out of beta state)

Supported on firmware below

Frame-rate switching allows you to have a smoother video playback experience.
It's very noticable on a 4K tv and when playing 23.976, 24, 24, 29.94hz video content that always play at 60hz without frame-rate switching.
Then it causes micro video stutters are audio becoming out of sync after a couple of minutes.
Frame-rate switching eliminates these problems and the screen first switches to the same frame-rate that the video in encoded at.