Here are some popular airmouse remotes to improve yourexperience with SBC devices like the Station P1 and others.

G30 33 ir key learning airmouse

It has ir learning so you can program the power button on your stock remotealso to it.
Has a voice button, so you can use it for eg. Google Voice Searchactions(working in my stock Station P1 Android Q firmware)
Nice multimedia keys for play/pause forward, rewind.

I would suggest to buy 2 AAA rechargable batteries to use with it.

I8 2.4G Wireless White Backlit keyboard
It has a full keyboard.
Is back-lit so easy to use at night
It has a touch pad.

Mele F10 Deluxe/Pro airmouse

It has a full keyboard on the backside of the remote
It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by USB.
The remote is quite light to hold.

No voice button
No ir leaning capability, only Pro version

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Useful apps to use with airmouse remotes:

Keymapper App

Use it to remap keys on your USB keyboard or airmouse remote.

Some actions require root access.
Can root with Magisk on Android 10.

You can map a key to the power off menu then you can turn off the device or putit to sleep easily since
airmouse remotes usually can't use the power button since it works with wifiand Android SBC/tv boxes use ir signals for power off/sleep that only work withthe stock ir remotes.


If you buy a remote without a keyboard then this app can come in very handy.
It allows your airmouse remote mouse pointer to move over a letter on theonscreen keyboard and to select it by pressing OK/Enter.
So you don't have to use DPAD left, right, up, down and first move to a letterto click it as this onscreen keyboard follows the mouse pointer around tohighlight letters automatically for faster input.

E-commerce sites like Aliexpress, Banggood & Gearbest stock remotes likethese.
Search for 'airmouse' on these sites to see all the different kinds available.