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Station P1 - Custom Android 10 Firmware 2020-11-02

v1.2 - 2020-11-02

Add Sleep to Power Off menu
Add Kodi, Nova Video Player, Night Video Player, SmartYoutubeTV auto frame-rate switching support.
Update Magisk Root app and boot image

v1.1 - 2020-09-29

Add TvSettings
- Add TvSettings launcher icon so it can be used in any browser not just Leanback ones
- Add Connect button to Wifi Settings in TvSettings so it can be clicked with a ir remote
- Fix Screensaver options in TvSettings to work after screen timeout
  Set DayDream as default screensaver.
(After a few minutes the screensaver will kick in, if not connected to the internet, the desktop will turn black since it can't download screensaver pictures to display, if not using internet, change to a different screensaver that doesn't use data)
Click 7 times on About Device - Build Info to enable developer Options, under Developer Options see new settings:
- Add Go to Recovery
- Add Go to Maskrom Mode
- Add Flash partition images(useful for flashing boot, recovery images)

Updated to rk10 SDK
New Circular Bootanimation
Remove battery iconsAnimation speedup for faster UI
Density changed to 240(better for 1080p displays)
Spoof ethernet as a wifi connection
(Can play games like Asphalt that only works on wifi(phones) with an ethernet connection now))
Add-blocker(improve browsing experience with 1000's of ads removed)
Add some preinstall apps(Kodi, Nova, SmartYoutubeTV, MiXplorer etc.)
Webview updated to latest version
Dark Mode by default(apps will display with dark colors that support it)
Fix Home button not working with airmouse remotes
10-bit H264 Video Playback support added, works in Kodi
Fix Youtube freezing problem with VP9 codec videos
Mouse support for browsing in web-browsers
(Hold in DPAD_CENTER button and drag airmouse pointer up or down to browse like on a PC using a mouse scroll wheel)
Make System partition writable
Magisk adb support
Update video codecs
Add hdmi CEC support
Fix some apps to display in horizontal mode instead of being rotated 90 degrees
Set RkTvLauncher as default launcher
- Fix different launchers to use Recent apps screen.
Double press Home button to view recent apps
(Scroll all the way left to click clear all recent apps button)
Remove LED blinking wit ir remote
Changed Wif to 13 channelsAdd Exfat Filesystem support
Removed root and added Magisk Root
Add HD Audio passthourg support - Use Kodi
Add Google Voice search(Need an airmouse with voice button to use eg. G10,G20,G30 airmouse remotes)

Download Link:
Flash with AndroidTool v2.71
Flashing instructions here