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- Everything you might expect from a music player, in addition to the following:

Library & Indexing

  • Powerful Indexer & Tag Editor, powered by @jaudiotagger.
  • Artists and Genres Separators.
  • Prevent Duplicated Tracks.
  • Set Minimum File Size & Duration.
  • Folders-based Library system, with the ability to exclude folders as well.
  • Sort by almost any property of the track or the album.. etc.

Look & Feel

  • Material3-like Theme.
  • Dynamic Theming, Player Colors are picked from the current album artwork.
  • Home, Tracks, Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, Queues and Folders Pages.
  • Waveform Seekbar.
  • Lots of customizations (check out [customization section](

Streaming (Youtube)

  • Best Video & Audio Quality
  • Audio Only Mode
  • Support Caching & Offline Playback
  • Support Downloads
  • audio tracks support
  • Video View with gestures support (swipe to control volume, double tap to seek, swipe up/pinch in to enter fullscreen, etc)
  • Edit tags for downloads
  • Optional Auto title/artist/album extraction for downloads and scrobbling

Some additional cool features:

- Smort Tracks Generation:
- u can generate tracks related to one you currently listening to, typically the ones that you often listened to in the same period. based on your history.
- also u can generate tracks released around the same time, or from specific range of time, from ratings, from available moods, or randomly.
- Animating Thumbnail:
- A thumbnail that animates with the current audio peak, looks cool.
- Miniplayer Party Mode:
- Applies an edge breathing effect, colors can be static or dynamic (all the colors extracted from the artwork)
- Particles Effect
- they speed up with the audio peak too
- Track Play Mode
- when playing from search, you can selected wether to play: selected track only, search results, album, first artist or first genre.
- Insert after latest inserted
* Want to insert multiple tracks one after each other? this will get your back.
- Repeat for N times
* in addition to normal repeat modes (all, none, one), this one lets you repeat the track for number of times before playing the next track.
- Extract feat. & ft. artist
* u won't miss the featured artists in the title, they'll have their own entry inside artists tab.
- can import youtube history & lastfm, for a boosted startup.

Video & YouTube Integration

- For Local Library, Namida is capable of playing videos related to the music, Video can be found either locally or fetched from youtube
- check [video-integration]( for more details

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