You can Add the mapping in “Actions” section by pressing on “Add” Button and pressing on the Button you want to Map when you get this Notification Window.

There are 2 “Button Action Types”. First one is “Action" where you get to customize the Single Tap, Double Tap and Long press functions of the Button. The second one is “ TVquickActions Panel” which is my favorite as you get an overlay window with 5 action options for each button which is just like having the remote on Steriods.

You can customize the 5 actions (Left, Right, Up, Down and Centre).

The customizations include:
Apps- for quick launching apps,
Actions such as Toggling Wifi, Power, Settings, Screenshot etc.
Features like Media Control panel, Cursor (mouse mode), BT Manager etc
(Below only for the paid version)

Keycodes - For some Mediakeys, Copy, Paste etc
URL Shorcut - for Quickly opening any websites through browser, like a bookmark
TV Inputs like HDMI inputs
App Shortcuts - For any apps that have shortcut actions.
It’s up to you how you want to map or configure the 5 actions. All can be App shortcuts or Actions or a mix of all categories.

Press the linked action key to bring up the 5 quick action overlay.
By default the action key is the Menu key but you can change it in the settings.
Now press left, down, right, up or OK to launch the linked action.


If you buy the latest version on the Google Play Store,
you also get new features including this bottom quick taskbar to run your favorite apps.


Download Link: Here