TrackerControl is an Android app that allows users to monitor and control the widespread,ongoing, hidden data collection in mobile apps about user behaviour (‘tracking’).
To detect tracking, TrackerControl combines the power of the Disconnect blocklist, used by Firefox, and of our in-house blocklist, created from analysing ~2 000 000 apps!Additionally, TrackerControl supports custom blocklists and uses the signatures from ClassyShark3xodus/Exodus Privacy for the analysis of tracker libraries within app code.
This approach
  • reveals the companies behind tracking,
  • allows to block tracking selectively, and
  • exposes the purposes of tracking, such as analytics or advertising.
The app also aims to educate about your rights under Data Protection Law, such the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Under the hood, TrackerControl uses Android’s VPN functionality,to analyse apps’ network communications locally on the Android device.This is accomplished through a local VPN server, to enable network traffic analysis by TrackerControl.
No root is required, other VPNs or Private DNS are not supported.No external VPN server is used, to keep your data safe! TrackerControl even protects youagainst DNS cloaking, a popular technique to hide trackers in websites and apps.
TrackerControl will always be free and open source, being a research project.

It is a very usefull app to disable internet access for certain apps or just block apps to connect to certain online trackers.
Eg. Stop to connect to Facebook or Advertisement trackers that are not needed.

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