ADB AppControl - a new and handy desktop program, that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device. You can disable unwanted pre-installed system apps and bloatware, or install new ones using a modern graphical interface. The program includes many useful tools and tweaks which allow you to get the better experience with your device. This is exactly the tool that you will use for many years - after trying ADB AppControl you will see that working with applications via adb has never been so easy.

  • Disable and uninstall applications without root
  • Multiple apps installing
  • Saving APK files of installed apps
  • Full Split Support (.apks)
  • Debloat wizard
  • Permissions Manager
  • Permission grants for popular applications (Tasker, MacroDroid, etc.) App List.
  • Saving and loading applications list-presets
  • Quick search on Google Play, ApkMirror, F-Droid and others
  • Changing the screen resolution and DPI
  • Hiding icons in the status bar
  • Device remotely control via scrcpy
  • Creating screenshots of the device screen
  • Quick reboot in recovery and bootloader
  • ADB console with quick commands
  • Fastboot support
  • Logcat logs
  • Simple file upload
  • Taking screenshots
And much more features now and coming soon!


Install on your Windows PC.
On Android - Go to Settings - About - Click 7 times on Build Info
Go to Developer Options
Enable ADB Debugging