Just Video Player


  • Audio/subtitle track selection
  • Playback speed control
  • Horizontal swipe and double tap to quickly seek
  • Vertical swipe to change brightness (left) / volume (right)
  • Pinch to zoom (Android 7+)
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) on Android 8+ (resizable on Android 11+)
  • Resize (fit/crop)
  • Volume boost
  • Auto frame rate matching on Android TV/boxes (Android 6+)
  • Post-playback actions (delete file/skip to next)
  • Touch lock (long tap)
  • App shortcut for direct access to file chooser (Android 7.1+)
  • 3rd party equalizer / audio processing support (e.g. Wavelet)
  • Media Session and Audio Focus support
  • Pause playback when disconnecting headphones
  • No ads, tracking or excessive permissions

The video player is based on exoplayer so it has better video playback than apps that use FFMPEG or Mediacodec.
The app is regularly updated and new features are added.
HDR/HDR10+ video playback is possible.

In the settings - Long press the Settings button in the right-hand corner.
(Might need an airmouse)

- You can enable auto frame-rate switching if needed

Please change audio playback to 'App specific' instead of 'decoder specific'
otherwise DTS/AC3 audio in videos will be silent.

Download link:
(Download the non-legacy apk)