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RetroArch for Station P1/Station M1/ RK3328 ROC-CC


- New color theme
- Improved UI speed
- Added whitelist settings automatically
- Add RetroArch game emulators
Play games like gba, n64, nds, nes, snes, PS1 etc.
Use an Xbox or other USB, bluetooth gamepad
Remember to set hotkey for the main menu in input so you can go back to RetroArch if exiting a game.
- Based on new LibreELEC Github code.

For Station M1/ RK3328 ROC-CC
- Fixed green strips and slow bootup
- Fix video stuttering
Problem was caused by no driver to scale the RAM speed from 300mhz to 800/900mhz in the mainline Linux kernel.

Download Links:

Station P1 ... TUsv-DnnMCsxBtvwkL4

Station M1 ... Npwa9rxZUssT-uPCEgg

RK3328 ROC-CC ... gsatXVC22TiOAypa22k