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Station P1 AndroidTV 10 v1.0


Add AndroidTV bootanimation
Fix ATV Play Store
Fix Youtube VP9 freezes
Add Ad-blocker(blocks > 300000 sites)
Add Kodi, Nova VideoPlayer, SmartTube Next, MiXplorer apps
Grant storage permission for installed apps
Changed default keyboard to LeanKeyKeyboard
Lots of UI optimizations to increase speed(30-50% in several places)
Changed DPI to 320 and frame-buffer to 1080p
Enable support for VirtualXposed
Add Power menu app(Need root)
Use App-Drawer app to access normal Android apps(non Leankback ones)
Add several remote control keylayout files
Add 10-bit H264 video playback support
Add Double press Home button for Recent apps
Add Fake Wifi Support for ethernet
Remove stock root
Add Magisk Root support
Fix Exfat Filesystem support for USB drives
Add support for Nintendo Switch controllers
Build as Release-keys instead of Debug-keys, might have better compatibility for some apps
Add auto frame-rate switching
DuckDuckGo browser for increased privacy and tracker blocking
Netflix ATV app preinstalled.
RadioDroid radio station app built from latest source code
Aerial Dream screensaver app built from latest source code
Add mouse browse support for browsers
Add Sleep menu to Power Off Menu
(Lots of code changes done to support AndroidTV 10)

Download link:
Visitor, If you want to see this please Reply


Visitor, If you want to see this please Reply

Flash with AndroidTool v2.86