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A full desktop Linux OS with mainline kernel, HW acceleration, Panfrost graphics and VPU drivers specially if you’re not a Linux expert, a ready made friendly image that works out of the box for the newbie and enthusiast SBC user.
  • Currently on 5.8.17 kernel
  • MPV build to support Mali T860 GPU
  • Firefox fully optimized to support Panfrost HW acceleration.
  • Built-in several useful software including, Kodi, USBimager, Retropie, Myandroid, Discord, Wine Desktop, Midnight commander, Remmina, Retroemulation(Dosbox, lutris, mupen64plus, ResidualVM, SNES9x, ScummVM, Redream, ZSNES), etc.
  • Armbian Focal Mate based
  • Boots from uSD, eMMC
  • Many visual perks
  • OpenGL games included for testing(Panfrost OpenGL 2.1 only)
  • Box86 support for Mali T860 GPU
  • LightDM display manager
  • Kodi has been rebuilt from Scratch to support Mali T860 GPU
Password: 123456

Flash with Etcher

After flashing
edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt on your micro-sd card(grant root access in Linux)
Replace the dtb name with rk3399-roc-pc-mezzanine.dtb

check the dtb folder to know the exact name you need to type.

Many Thanks to Salva( for his efforts by taking such initiative to promote all RK3399 boards with an Universal OS. @Ptitseb for his BOX86 contribution.

Download Latest Armbian-Reforged V1.0 from here:


With Box64 you can play some x86 Windows games and x86 Linux games.
Also running some Windows programs is possible with this.


More info about Box86

Some Youtube videos playing Linux X86 and Windows games on RK3399 Armbian-Reforged

(This is a repost of Armbian-Reforged available in other forums and I thought it would be useful since it has lots of pre-included apps)