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Follow this guide to install Disney+ app

You will need an AVR Receiver to be able to hear sound since Dolby Digital sound has to be decoded
or you need to download a show first and then play it to hear stereo sound.

A solution to fix this, to have sound and be able to play in HD quality is to use the Kodi Disney+ addon
Support forum
Install instructions


You have to use version v7.42 or earlier since new verisons have extra checks for Google device certification, Netflix whitelist, root checks etc.
Here is a link to v7.42.

A method to use the latest Netflix app
Is to use Magisk root method and then emulate your device to a Google Certified one.
The latest Netflix app will then appear in the Google Play Store and work correctly.

Here is also a link to the last AndroidTV version of Netflix working correctly.This version can also work correctly with the ir remote and you don't need to use an airmouse remote. ... vTJtSM4EE1UbsbsXznw

An easier solution is to use the Kodi addon
Support forum
Kodi addon

Download Kodi from here if not installed.

These Kodi addons also work in LibreELEC Linux OS and there they can offer higher video quality, up to 1080p for Netflix.

A benefit of using Kodi addons is that you will have auto frame-rate switching for smoother video playback and better audio playback if using my Custom Android 10 firmware and Kodi can also work easily the the ir remote, so you don't need to buy an airmouse remote to control it.