R-CADE v1.0.2 Update - 4K Retro-Gaming Media Center   

R-Cade is THE retro-gaming media center solution! It is a custom operating system INCLUDED and specifically designed to be shipped on all devices sold from
  • Over 100 Retro-Gaming Systems
  • Lightweight Web Browser
  • Full 4K UHD 60fps Media Playback
  • Online Streaming
  • All FUN - No Work!
R-Cade has been developed specifically for compatibility with Rockchip hardware manufactured by our partners.
You can read all the exciting detail about R-Cade here:

  • This is a full root filesystem upgrade that includes a bump to Buildroot 2021.11, meaning the majority of the system libraries and tools have been upgraded to newer versions (meaning they are faster and have some fixes), including SDL2 which has been upgraded to version 2.0.18.
  • Some updated configs to accommodate changes in updated libraries
  • Additional support for N64DD games
  • Systems carousel has been reorganized to be more intuitive
  • Fixes for issues 5, 4, and 3
  • Fix for Kodi fast forwarding
  • Fixed Bluetooth not correctly starting
  • Added a check for a keyboard or gamepad before a game launch
  • Removed Python2 and finalized Python3 upgrade
  • Updated ScummVM
  • Updated Mupen64Plus Core library
  • Updated Mupen64Plus GLideN64 video plugin
  • Updated Rockchip Mali Headers
  • Updated SDL1.2 Compat

Download Files Detail
  • RCade-Upgrade-All
    This contains only the changed files from the previous version. It applies to all hardware. This is only used when R-Cade performs upgrades. This is not a bootable image.
  • RCade-Full-Rockbox
    The full version of R-Cade for the Rockbox including all emulators and cores
  • RCade-Full-Rock64
    The full version of R-Cade for the Rock64 including all emulators and cores
  • RCade-Full-Station_M1
    The full version of R-Cade for the Firefly Station M1 (RK3328-ROC-PC) including all emulators and cores



Download Link:


Write with Etcher to a micro-sd card.