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  To improve the user experience, we will give away 2.4G remote control! Users can remotely control the devices by using the 2.4G remote control, which is not limited by angles and responds quickly — so users can enjoy smoother control.


  Buy any StationPC device now, and you can get a 2.4G remote control for free.


  Users who have purchased StationPC devices can apply for a free 2.4G remote control in the following way:

· Application Date2021.9.8-9.30

· Application Way: Comment on this topic with content "Product Type + Purchase Way + Order Number", after we verify, the forum administrator will contact you by private message to arrange delivery.
   Eg: Station P2 + Amazon + xxxxxxxxx (Order Number)

· Delivery:EMS (FREE delivery)

· If the 2.4G remote control cannot be used normally, please update to the corresponding version according to the following table and tutorial.

Supported Version
Update Tutorial
Station M2
V1.0.3 and later
Station P2
Station M1
V1.2.5 and later
Station P1

Product Purchase

  Visit Firefly Team on Amazon: Station P1, Station P2, Station M2, Station M1