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In addition to running its own Station OS entertainment system, Station can also run a variety of operating systems. In this chapter, we will introduce how to flash Ubuntu image to TF card and run Ubuntu on Station.


PC x 1
TF card (over 8GB) x 1 (Over C10 is recommended)
TF card reader x 1

Step 1: Download flash tool.
1.Log in to [balenaEtcher Official Website], download the flash tool balenaEtcher according to your computer's operating system;

2.Download Ubuntu image.
Station M2 Image
Station P2 Image

Step 2: Run balenaEtcher to flash image to TF card.
1. Insert TF card to card reader, and insert card reader to USB port of PC;

2. Open balenaEtcher, click Flash from file to select an Ubuntu image;

3. Click Select target, select the TF card inserted to the PC;


4. Click Flash, wait to finish.

Step 3: Power on Station PC with TF card.
1.Remove card reader and take TF card out, insert TF card to TF slot of Station;
2.Power on and run Ubuntu system
Note: Initial startup will be initialized, please wait patiently to enter Ubuntu system.

You can watch the video for reference.