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Hello to all Station P1 users!
I was able to install FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT on Station P1.
The system can be booted from SD card.
Then it can be installed on the eMMC.
A test image is available for download.

Installation order.
1. Download the SD card image.
2. Download the SD-card imaging software.
2. Unpack the image.
3. Burn the image to an SD card.
4. Plug in the SD card and turn on the power.
After that, the system will boot into multiuser mode. It should get an IP address via DHCP.

And it will be available via SSH.
Username: admin
Password: admin
The transition to the privileged mode is made by the command
admin@firefly: ~% su -
No password required.

The image can be downloaded from the link
This is a minimal system image and lacks a GUI.

!!! Caution !!!
The install image is built using Mainline U-Boot and not compatible with stock U-Boot located on eMMC in Android firmware.
Therefore, the first time you start with an SD card,
the original U-Boot loader is saved from eMMC to the SD card and the new U-Boot will be written to the eMMC.
The first launch can take up to 4 minutes before the FreeBSD logo appears on the display screen.
Be patient, do not turn off the power.
The installation should look like this.
After power on, the red led will light up.
The monitor screen will be dark for at least 4 minutes.
After that, the blue led will light up.
The system will reboot in 1 minute and you will see the long-awaited FreeBSD logo on the display screen.

Information on eMMC will not be lost forever !!
Stock U-Boot can be restored with the command

admin@firefly:~ % su -
root@firefly:~ # sh

After that, the ability to run Android will be restored.
Don't forget to just pull out the SD card.

This boot image is for experienced Linux or BSD user.
You can try at your own risk.

Welcome to the FreeBSD Community!
If you've tried installing my FreeBSD image, please write a short report.

I'm interested in
1. What was the download speed of the image?
2. What SD card did you use (model, size)?
3. What OS did you have on eMMC?
4. How long did the first loading take?

Any other additional information may be good for me.
I want to fix all errors and prepare an image with a GUI.