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Huawei AppGallery



Access a huge catalog of carefully-selected apps.
Experience unparalleled security with a quad-layer security mechanism that includes Huawei's unique manual checks.
Receive exclusive benefits and rewards such as gift packs for apps and games.
Find what you're looking for with smart searches that learn about your preferences.
Keep up with the latest trends with rankings charts that are updated daily.

The app now has a tv layout too.
It works great on AndroidTV to search and install additional apps since the Google Play Store ATV app only has limited apps.
You also don't need to register or login to use it and can find apps quicker.

To use download below and install manually
or install from
Unlinked App Store - StationPC (Code) already installed on AndroidTV firmwares

There are also several other app stores to install, so never run out of apps to try.